Flying Unusual Helicopters

Collected Rotary Flight Test Articles, 2004 – 2011, vol 4

Flying Unusual Helicopters cover

This is the fourth and final collection of my flight test articles, which were originally published in ‘Today’s Pilot’ and some other aviation magazines.  I have called this group of aircraft  ‘unusual helicopters’, purely for want of a better title!  They are unusual in the sense that few people have flown them, either because they are quite rare, or because they are rather new. However, it should be noted that all these divisions are quite loose, even arbitrary, since some helicopters could fit easily into two or more categories.

Helicopters in this book include the Eurocopter EC145, the AgustaWestland Grand, the Bolkow Bo-105, the Schweizer 333, the Mil Mi-2, and the Mil Mi-8. Each helicopter is described in detail, with an account of my personal experiences of what it is like to fly it for the first time. It is thus much more than a theoretical textbook account. There is also a section on the history of each the type, and detailed specifications. A photo of each helicopter is included.

This book is aimed at anyone interested in helicopter flying, whether they already fly helicopters for fun or a career, hope to in the future, fly models, or simply find rotary aircraft fascinating. It would also make an excellent gift for any rotary enthusiast. It contains a great deal of detail, and is around 20,000 words in length. You can complete your collection of my flight test articles by buying it here.


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