Articles/Writing for Clients

At present I write regularly for Flight Training News.  Many of my articles from this publication have been published in collections as ebooks, and you can find details of them in the “Aviation Ebooks – FTN Articles” section of this website.  There is also an “omnibus” print edition of some of these, The Flight Training Omnibus.  I also contribute occasionally to  Global Aviator, a South African aviation magazine.

I also write now and then for an aviation website, Airways Life .   I have written for other websites in the past, on aviation, pets, travel, and several others subjects, and I plan to continue to do so.

I am happy to take on other work, and to write for individual clients.  If you need articles for your magazine or website, on aviation, cats, travel or other subjects, please let me know.  My rates are very reasonable.  I am also happy to do editing/proofreading work when required.  Get in touch and tell me what you need; my details are in the “Contact Me” section of this website.


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