Helicopter Flying Instructor Experiences

Collected Articles From Flight Training News, 2006-2011 Book 4

Helicopter Instructor Flying Experiences COVER

This book is the fourth and final volume of this series. The first looked at learning to fly aeroplanes and helicopters, and was published in April 2011. The second was concerned with flying light aircraft after obtaining the PPL, and came out in September 2011. The third was specifically about flying helicopters. All of them, including this final volume, are taken primarily from my column in Flight Training News, and were originally published between 2006 and 2011

This fourth book tells about my experiences as a helicopter flight instructor. The first article, Becoming a Helicopter Instructor, is also to be found in Book 3, but it obviously belongs here as well. It is followed by articles on deciding what type of aircraft you would like to instruct on, and some hints on how to get that elusive first instructing job. Later articles give hints and tips on different aspects of an instructor’s career – Helicopter Trial Lessons, Student Briefings, Students’ Specific Problems, and Students Who Try to Kill You. Then there are some articles on teaching specific topics – Teaching Helicopter Emergencies, and Teaching Airmanship.  The last article is a plea for more honesty in one’s dealings with others – I’m Not God, Just a Flying Instructor.

This book will obviously be of interest to instructors and those planning to follow this career path. However, there is much in here of more general interest too. Above all, it is entertaining and instructive to anyone who flies, particularly (though not exclusively) if they fly helicopters. In fact, the book’s honest and readable style should make it popular even with non-flyers.

The book consists of 13 articles, has well over 20,000 words, and includes a useful glossary. You can buy it here.


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