Flying Aeroplanes and Helicopters: Beyond the PPL

Collected Articles From Flight Training News, 2006-2011, Vol 2


This book is the second volume of the series of four on flying different aircraft types. The first book looked at learning to fly, the third concentrates on helicopter flying, since this is my speciality, and the final volume talks about my personal experiences as a helicopter instructor. All of them are taken from my column in Flight Training News, and were originally published between 2006 and 2011

This second book starts by discussing what sort of flights a new pilot should do after gaining the coveted PPL. It then tells the story of one of my longer trips, when I took off alone for France. The next two articles – Aeroplanes and Helicopters: Rules for Safe Coexistence and The Dangers of Helicopter Downwash are concerned with important safety issues. We then take a look at flying microlights as well as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, followed by gaining some hints on dealing with the CAA Medical department. The final four chapters should be useful to those considering a commercial aviation career, although also of general interest. They discuss how to question an apparently unfair exam result, what to do with your commercial licence, the place of women in commercial aviation, and fixed-wing versus rotary flying careers.

This book is aimed at anyone who is interested in flying, but should be particularly useful for those who have a pilot’s licence and either fly for fun or are aiming to get a commercial pilot’s licence in the future. It book consists of 12 articles, has over 20,000 words, and includes a useful glossary. You can buy it here.


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