Midges, Maps & Muesli

An Account of a 5,000 Mile Walk Round the Coast of Britain


This was my first book, and as stated above it is the story of my record breaking 5,000 mile walk around the coast of Britain which I undertook in 1986/7. Here are some of the reviews and comments it has received:

I have read Helen Krasner’s book twice and I’m sure I shall read it again. Although Helen claims to be an ordinary person, doing something which to her, while she was doing it, became quite an ordinary thing to do, her way of being ordinary is so extraordinary that it makes her book, and her walk, something very different and special. Why did she walk round the island of Britain? One doesn’t really know, at the end. But what is certain is that she got a great deal out of it, and much of what she got out of it she has been able to pass on to the reader. Above all this is a book about people – the innumerable people she met in the course of her journey, most of them kind and hospitable, a few impressive, one or two more or less mad. Helen Krasner is not just a long-distance walker – she is also the author of a fascinating book.

Mike Munford, Welshpool, Powys

This book makes a refreshing change from all those well planned, well researched travel books that are ultimately boring. This is how it would be for the likes of you and me. A very readable and interesting account that’s often quite funny, for this is a walk for fun, not to beat a record, or raise money for charity. Helen’s encounters are always worth reading, especially those with other coastal walkers, like the one who tells her what “a bitch” the Mull of Kintyre had proved, but is nonetheless horrified that she decides she’ll skip it then!

Anonymous, review on Amazon website

I love your book! It’s mid-afternoon, I started reading it this morning, and I’m still in my nightdress and nothing has been done in the house. I just couldn’t put it down; I HAD to finish it, and I wanted to let you know.

Anonymous, phone call to the author

The book is available from Amazon here or you can buy signed copies from me at no extra charge; email me for details

Since February 2014 Midges, Maps and Muesli has also been available as an ebook for the Kindle.


2 thoughts on “Midges, Maps & Muesli

  1. Hi Helen

    If possible I would like to buy a signed copy of your book. Almost finished reading the copy that I already have. Cracking read.

    Best wishes


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