Print Books and Ebooks, Aviation and Other Topics


Welcome to my website.  Here you can find details of all my books, both traditional printed volumes and digital ebooks for the Kindle and other platforms.    Many are on aviation related topics as this is my speciality, but I’ve written books on a number of other subjects too, including my 5,000 mile walk round Britain, general travel, and boating with a cat (in collaboration with David Thomas).  You can also find details of the magazines I write for, and on my writing for private clients.  Included are links on where to find each book on Amazon, but of course they can be bought from other places too.  Also, signed copies are sometimes available from me; email me for details.   Enjoy looking!


6 thoughts on “Print Books and Ebooks, Aviation and Other Topics

  1. Ive just read and thoroughly enjoyed your book about walking round Britain. What a great read, made me remember some of the places my wife and I have visited over the years and gave us ideas for new ones to visit. Thank you


  2. Hi Helen,

    I just completed reading The Helicopter Pilot’s Companion -let’s, modular style; such a lovely do!

    I guess I’d fly military aircraft but who will recruit someone in their “afternoon”!!

    And thanks for keeping fit. Oui oui.


  3. Hello Helen,

    I’ve just finished reading about your long walk. Very entertaining thank you. I must say though that I was probably more impressed with what you did afterwards. Great stuff!


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